Rwanda: Military beefs up deployment at the border with DRC and Burundi

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Kigali, Rwanda-Defense sources have intimated to this publication that Rwanda Defense Forces has deployed heavily at Rwanda-Congo border and Rwanda-Burundi border.

In June, unidentified assailants attacked and killed two people in the southern area of Nyabimata, where authorities said two similar attacks took place in July.

Residents near Nyungwe forest told this publication that they saw dozens of military heavy machines heading toward Nyungwe forest that is shared at the border.

Nyabihu and Rubavu residents say heavy presences of RDF troops and machinery can be seen during the day.

Callixte Nsabimana Sankara, a spokesman for a new political party calling itself Rwanda Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD), said on Monday in South Africa that it had started an armed struggle to oust long-serving Kagame. However, it’s not yet clear if Sankara rebels were responsible for the miner attack in Nyaruguru.

Sankara is an ex-member of exiled opposition group Rwanda National Congress, founded by former Kagame aides who fell out with him.

The MRCD said on Sunday its military wing had been fighting with the Rwandan army in Nyungwe forest for a month and claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Rwandan authorities including the minister of local government and chief of police visited the attacked area on Tuesday.

Police said on Wednesday the violence was caused by intruders.

Police spokesperson Theos Badege told the media that two more small attacks were carried out in July but “didn’t mount to affect national security.”

“We have security. They attacked and looted animals and food but as Sankara claimed responsibility he is going to be part of the investigation.”

Military officials declined the suggestion that military operation was under way around Nyungwe Forest.

“There are many soldiers and heavy weaponry including tanks along the buffer strip of the Nyungwe forest and local security people have increased their patrols. People are scared,” said one resident in Kivu, adding that unknown gunmen had attacked the area late on Friday.

Authorities had asked people to remain calm and help security forces identify any wrongdoers, the resident said.


This post has already been read 9866 times!

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