Rwanda: MP’s fail to digest gov’ts’ idea of another brand of Police Force

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By Robert Mugabe


They will be armed. Governed by the specific law, different from that of Rwanda National Police. They will have powers to arrest, to investigate and prevent crimes. Government insists that the force will not have powers to detain. But MP’s demostarated uneasy when asked to accept the draft law to be a bill.

Paid by districts, government suggests the new brand police called “Local government Police (LAP)” will have full autonomy according to the draft law in the Parliament.

There structure and purpose and mission was not clear to the inquisitive parliamentarians who spent more-than two hours deliberating on the draft law only to end up being subjected to the commission of foreign affairs, cooperation and security at the second time.

LAP is set to replace Local Defence Forces whom Senate report blamed for numerous abuses.

On Friday, Local government State Minister Alivera Mukabaramb,a along side with Foreign affairs, cooperation and security chairperson Julienne Uwacu , struggled to convince the lower chamber of the parliament to accept the draft law into a bill with almost no support.

“Local Government Police will be organized but elected from the members of the community, paid by the districts and the City of Kigali because they have autonomy. They will have their Uniforms and Presidential decree will determine other details, so I urge you to support this draft law and vote for it to be a bill.” Mukabaramba reiterated.

According to MP Theobard Mporanyi, accepting the draft law by now, would be a quick decision that be regretted in the implementation.

“This draft law is not clear, it can’t even be clear with its mission. We risk having the two Police brands over-wrapping in their functions.  We need this force identified in their mission; and even knowing the procedure of recruitment.” Mporanyi asked

MP Kayiranga Rwaka, reacting on the draft law in the session; said he doesn’t support things he doesn’t understand.

“We have Inkeragutabara( reserve force) that operate in the local government; we community policing committees in cells, we have many security services, the draft law should be able to answer questions like what will be the procedures of electing those LAP?” Rwaka also questioned after getting popular support of MP’s who don’t support the draft law.

This post has already been read 5267 times!



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