Rwanda: Police launch drug raid to Kimironko Prison

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CGP Police

By GLV reporter.

It all started with a tip to police that illicit drugs are hot business in the prison and some were locally made in the prison with the help of wardens, then National police invaded the prison as early as 2:00 am and some prisoners were held, as well as wardens.

“We forced all of them out of the prison when conducting a big search, many were arrested and even the warden officers also detained who aided them to get the illicit drugs to the prison,” said a police officer, who preferred to remain anonymous as he doesn’t speak for the force.

Pelly Gakwaya Uwera, the Director of the prison, was quoted by local media as saying that illegal products are normally smuggled in with the help of prisoners’ family members.

“Prisoners’ relatives connive with our employees to sneak these things inside. Some of our employees have been dismissed in the past after they were caught,” Uwera said in the interview.

According to Uwera, investigations are still ongoing to see if there are others, and one prisoner was found with a passport suspected to be ready to leave the country, she said in a phone interview.

Thousands of prisoners were paraded in front of the prison, as the police conducted the search and culprits slowly identified themselves thus, pleading guilty and asking for forgiveness but seems, it was too late for the police to accept.

Local brew commonly known as Kanyanga, Marijuana, false stamps, and other illicit drugs which are locally made in the prison and others aided by prison wardens were found during the impromptu search.

“We are a few police officers here; we had to ask for another augment from the headquarters and surrounded the prison to carry out a scrupulous search,” he added.

It’s yet to be clear whether the culprits will be brought to justice as the law prescribes, but they have been separated from others for questioning.

“Some drug lords in the prison and wardens business tycoons have been taken by police and it was said that the warden officers will be sacked to remain with good and disciplined force,” the police source said.

This post has already been read 13278 times!



  1. shadrack lewa

    January 6, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    That its ony a wake up call to the Rwanda prison wardens,they have to expand there search to other prisons station so as to clear the Rwanda prisons of the drugs menance.

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