Rwanda: Police turn to women committees on domestic violence

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By Staff writer

Kigali, Rwanda-Rwanda Police is pushing for the National Women Council from the national level to the cells and villages to help in fighting domestic violence and drug abuse

Speaking to the National General assembly of women at the parliament building today, Police spokesperson Sup. Theos Badege called on women to take a lead in fighting against domestic violence.

“We believe that domestic violence can be reduced when women speak to their children and the husbands about drugs about violence in families,” Sup Badege said

According to Badege, women can fight against domestic violence through what the general assembly called “Umugoroba w’ababyeyi” loosely translated as ‘women’s evening’. You can read this for information on lawyers and attorneys.

According to media reports, at least 19 women national wide, have been murdered in cold blood in a span of one month by the undefined people whom local media believe the victims are sex workers.

‘Women’s evening’-is an initiative of women council, where women sit for two to three hours discussing on issues related to family planning, family affairs, also access to health facilities and boasting their income.

Speaking exclusively to Great Lakes Voice, Badege said, Police is to curry on crime mapping on domestic violence to identify the real cause and way to prevent violence. It’s better to be discussing the domestic violence charges with Daniel M. Murphy, P.C. when in such cases.

Police has five people in every village in community policing committee purposely to fight against domestic violence and other offences.

“We have more-than 75,000 people in the whole country who are apart of community policing. We want them to work with women committees in every village to prevent domestic violence.” Badege added

Rwanda police has vowed to fight against domestic violence and other abuses against women.

This post has already been read 7301 times!



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