Rwanda Questions 75mm Rockets, Fake IDs & Hege’s Articles at UN

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NEW YORK-The Rwanda delegation of four has complained to UN today afternoon before Democratic Republic of the Congo Sanctions Committee meeting at the UN.

Azerbaijan’s Deputy Permanent Representative has been the acting chair of the closed door meeting. African critics say it was a shame that Rwanda and DRC come so far to fight in front of Azerbaijan.

After more than an hour, the Rwandan delegation came out. According to our sources who attended the meeting, the issues which come up includes the 75 mm cannons used by the M23 that the Group of Experts say must have come from Rwanda, to GoE coordinator Steve Hege to alleged Rwandan officer Javier Saddat.

Each of these issues, and more, came up in the closed door meeting, the 75 mm cannon, or recoilless rockets, Rwanda noted that this equipment was in the possession of the Congolese FARDC, and subsequently integrated CNDP, in 2008 and 2009.

Of Capt. Javier Saddat, Rwanda said he was with the CNDP and then with the Congolese army since 2009. But it was a Congolese soldier which complained to them that Javier Saddat is being “treated like a foreigner and tortured.”

Of Hege, Rwanda on Tuesday said that “a line that has been crossed by the coordinator of the Group of Experts. We expect any member to have views, baggage, but here a line has been crossed. You [pointed to] two of his articles…. in one of them he said the international community is souring on Rwanda. We say he’s been given the tools to do precisely that.”

There are other questions for Hege, ranging for alleged radio intercepts to claiming the presence of one Jack (or “Jacques”) Nziza on the Congolese border when Rwanda says there are more than 100 alibi witnesses, including diplomats.

This post has already been read 5929 times!



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