Rwanda to mediate in DR Congo and Gen. Ntaganda face-off

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By Robert Mugabe

Following the on-going fighting between FARDC and an armed group that defected from FARDC royal to Gen. Bosco Ntaganda, Rwanda and DRC military and security officials have been meeting since Wednesday last week.

As Congo military and security high officials want Rwanda forces to intervene militarily to arrest Gen. Ntaganda, Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) are reportedly reluctant to get into Congo internal conflict.

Asked whether, RDF would intervene militarily in the hunt targeting Ntaganda, Brigadier General Joseph Nzamwita RDF’s spokesman said “Rwanda wants political solution not a military approach”

“We RDF view Congo issues as totally internal. We support political solution not military approach,” Brig Gen Nzamwita added.

FDLR issue

As UN forces in Congo mobilise heavy armor, to join forces with Congolese forces FARDC, Sources in Rwanda’s security believe that FDLR is re-armed and re organizing by the help of DR Congo government to fight Ntaganda. Nzamwita confirmed to Great Lakes Voice that FDLR is re-arming and re-organizing again.

“We are concerned of the pain of the people of Congo and the refugees. We are also concerned of the rearming and reorganizing of FDLR in the DRC. We are conscious that FDLR might take the advantage of the on-going chaos to destabilize Rwanda.”

Rwanda’s Role

On Wednesday, last week, Rwanda and Congo Defense chiefs met at the border to discuss way-forward to end the fighting in Easter Congo, our sources believe that Rwanda defense chief raised the issue of FDLR rearming as Congo side raised the issue of Ntaganda and his group.

How Gen. Ntaganda issue came-up at the current level

When DRC president Joseph Kabila was campaigning for the second term, there was informal and formal communications going on between Ntaganda and Kabila to help that Kivu votes for Kabila, in return Ntaganda’s men would be placed in places of influence in FARDC.

Sources in “DET” Congolese intelligence say when Kabila was hardly re-elected; the plan was made to eliminate Bosco Ntaganda as an individual. Little did Kabila’s men know that Ntaganda still has men who are strong and royal to him than government.



This post has already been read 4756 times!



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