Rwanda: University lecturer brutally murdered

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A lecturer at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has been found brutally murdered and his body dumped at his home a local website has reported.

Muneza Lambert is suspected to have been hacked to death using a sharp object into his abdomen forcing his intestines out.

Muneza has been resident at Munanira II, Kokobe, Nyakabanda sector in Nyarugenge district.

He was living in an enclosed residential area which accommodates four families including three tenants and the landlord.

According to a news website in Kigali, Neighbours today morning discovered stains of blood around Muneza’s house.

When local authorities opened Muneza’s house, they found his lifeless body. The helper with whom the deceased was living has reportedly disappeared.

Neighbours say there was no alarm made throughout the night to alert them of any dangers Muneza was could have been going through.

Muneza was renting a two roomed house. The Helper was sleeping in one room and Muneza in another.

One of the area residents said, “It is possible the Helper could have murdered Muneza. We have not seen the helper since.”

Muteteri Yvonne a neighbor told the reporter, that the Helper last night at 4:00 AM went to a neighbor out of the gate to borrow a spade.

The neighbor first asked the Helper why he needed a spade at such a time.

The helper is said to have responded saying he wanted to shovel off the mud that had piled at the entrance to their house.

Police is currently at the scene and has restricted further press inquests into this matter.

This post has already been read 8306 times!



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