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Rwanda:Two journalists appeal to the African Court

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By Robert Mugabe

KIGALI, RWANDA-Two Rwandan journalists has filed a complaint before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Great Lakes Voice has independently established.

Agnes Uwimana-Nkusi and Saidati Mukakibibi, who wrote for the private bimonthly Umurabyo, were formerly sentenced respectively to 17 in 2011 and 7 years in prison for denying genocide, insulting the president and inciting public disorder.

The Supreme Court reviewed the sentence in April, raising the charge for genocide denial. On the offences of spreading Genocide dogma and divisionism, the Supreme Court pronounced Uwimana clean since the court did not see the intention to commit those offences

The duo were sentences to four and three respectively. But, considering themselves innocent, they have now decided to enter the African Court.

The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights headquarters in Abidjan until October 22, and then should decide within days on the admissibility of the complaint filed by two Rwandan journalists.

After getting a new lawyer the duo has delegated one Nina Jansen, one of the lawyers of the two journalists to file a case in African Court. the lawyer says the two journalists had done nothing wrong only exercising their profession.

This post has already been read 6625 times!



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