Rwanda:We got UN Security Council seat in a right way-Paul Kagame

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By Robert Mugabe

KIGALI-Rwanda-Addressing thousands of youth representing others at the campaign rebelled Meet the President yesterday, President Paul Kagame defended his country election as a non permanent UN seat saying “Rwanda got the seat in a right way.”

More than 2000 youth from 32 institutions of high learning, Kagame said that those who say Rwanda got UN Security Council seat in a controversial way are not right.

“Rwanda is taking a UN Security seat in a right way. Those who say Rwanda took the seat in a controversial way are wrong. It’s these reports who are controversial [UN group of experts report],” Kagame said

Kagame complained about the rights groups saying the groups have eyes to finger point Rwanda in a wrong way and keep a close eye on FDLR who are largely responsible of 1994 Genocide in Rwanda.

“I would like to ask these so called rights groups, why do you target Rwanda, why do you harass Rwanda?” Kagame complained accusing the right groups of injustice and hypocrisy.

“We are an independent country, we have enough of our problems, we can’t be blamed for others problems.

We’re a part of the global community. We’re a member of UN, it’s our right and we deserved it, said Kagame

Africans must wake up on ICC

Speaking on international criminal court, Kagame said ICC was a good idea but concluding hijacked to serve political interests.

Accusing ICC for targeting Africans, Kagame said the Rome status was largely signed by African countries on AID pressure.

“They were told to sign quickly without even getting time to read. They had a lot of Aid pressure on them. ICC ended up losing meaning. And now is used as a threat to those who they want to target,” Kagame said.

Kagame on Aid  

Speaking on aid, the President said African countries need to use Aid so efficiently that until our countries will not need Aid again.

Kagame also attacked donors, questioning their attitude and conditions attached to the aid.

“If you give me AID why do you want to interfere with internal politics of the country? It’s like giving a student a shirt and give pressure to him on how he should put it on and when,” Kagame added.

This post has already been read 4322 times!



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