Rwanyarare,Wegulo and Cecia Ogwal join ruling NRM

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Al Hajj Badru Wegulo welcomed by Museveni

By GLV correspondent
Kampala- the Uganda People’s Congress diehards who were once rivals of Musevenis’ NRM but now friends at last, have announced that they have decided to quit UPC to join NRM camp.

The defected include, Henley Mayega, Dr James Rwanyarare who’s retired from active politics, Al Hajj Wegulo who was UPC vice president, and Ms Cecilia Ogwal who some sources confirm she is for FDC.

Ms, Cecilia Ogwal did not join NRM at all. she actually left UPC lomg ago and she is now in FDC, she is now the vice chairpeson in charge of northern Uganda and campains for IPC, inter party coalition an alliance of 4 parties including FDC.

unconfirmed reports from NRM camp says Ogwal is for NRM.

what ever the case is, UPC has suffered a blow to some commentators of Uganda’s politics to loose the senior members to NRM due to unattended wrangles that engulfs the party.
President Museveni says that the defectors are ‘big fish’ who are to help Mr Museveni who have been in power since 1986, to win the election
How did Rwanyarare group defect?

Rwanyarare left UPC after getting disagreement with the former party president, Miria Obote and joined splinter UPC group that was headed by the former UPC National Chairman, Prof. Patrick Rubaihayo.
At the time, Mr Mayega said, Ms Miria Obote, made a mistake by chasing Mr Rwanyarare and Ms Ogwal, who had held the UPC banner for over 19 years, out of the party.
He added that Ms Obote’s refusal to accept structural reforms and reconcile with Dr Rwanyarare and Ms Ogwal contributed to the party’s failure in the 2006 presidential elections.
Latter, the current UPC president Otunnu had said he encourages Rwanyarare to return to the UPC mainstream and rejuvenate it ahead of 2011 elections.
The UPC President said recently that if, Rwanyarare returns to the party he will be free to participate in any party activity.
Dr. Olara had requested the defected to return to UPC but, seems Olara’s call was too late for the group to come back.
Last weekend Mr Museveni received them with a smile and was quoted as saying that with them NRM will succeed in elections.

This post has already been read 6967 times!

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