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Sailing the sea of abrupt tides

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By Robert Mugabe

Selling News papers (photo Kigaliwire)

There are days when I feel like i am traveling in a ship full of fools with no control over the course taken. The Captains are unaware and uneducated as to the ways of the wider ocean before them.

The Officers do not know what needs doing and who shall carry out the errands. The Crew sits around like lost sheep for the slaughter. The village idiots sitting in the corner are the wisest of the bunch. The weather ahead is troublesome but they are heading into it without consideration of the challenges that lay ahead.

Media is currently a stubborn house without exemplary pioneers who would lead others to the ways of wider oceans. Media is not democracy its self, either the news room is democratic, but its cause is to work as a catalyst in creating democratic society we owe to have in Rwanda now.

Thus, having democratic society which is dynamic and mature to take the right decisions, we need viable media. Media operators must not be disguised like fools by what they endeavor to bring to living, a professional career that earns its servicemen a descent livelihood but their luck of self esteem might be the case for the argument.

But the changing waters, the abrupt tides, that are somewhere that the young naked eyes cannot see are an obstacle that must be fought whatsoever to achieve the cause that brought all men aboard the media ship. Journalists associations without leadership, scattered voices and luck of unity but to mention but a few are the treats to Media advancement in Rwanda.

The fool that wills to lay behind and let others drown in the fight to get on shore is bound to drift in a deep sleep only waking up to find themselves in the belly of the shark, oh, whale and is never going to be blessed on shore.

These myopic fellows am talking about, think that sitting back and not participating in ongoing reforms because they are not paid, is either good for them and entire bunch aboard the ship.

Where on the earth, would you think of a scribe, in fact a managing editor if you like, asking me boastfully that “How do i as an individual or my paper benefit from self-regulation?”

Yes, I know some scribes can’t easily trust the government initiative-self regulation cooked in the office of Minister Protais Musoni as genuine, but whatever way it’s, we can redeem our ship from the hands of pirates. But also we need to assure the public that when we get our ship moving in the direction we journalist want, it will serve the interests of general public and all sailors.

Inevitably some people like me, would thank God to hear the word “Media reform” come from the mouth of the senior government official, some scribes still take it as a government thing. Yes, the ship and the people on board with the whole crew would be diverted to another island by some soft speaking pirates loaded with cash, unless scribes themselves take the responsibly of reforms and own the process. Why not even tell the pirates, look, this is our ship, we are ready to defend it.

The problems we have today is that captains or just read media owners and gatekeepers are watching but they are good at muzzling fish and cold whisky that they are besotted to, eventually not orienting the already drowning cruiser to any particular direction. It is already scaring that in the cover of night they will be bribed or even may grab every coin and wreck it under sea.

Under sea is a place the sailors would swallow their bellies up and be eaten, oh no, fed on by already tamed sharks and fish. If the captain makes it to shore, they would be the only one to tell a false fascinating tale that will be a topic and lesson in oxford.

…For every village idiot, there is a village….therefore, I am.


This post has already been read 8737 times!



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