Security tightened as ‘FDLR’ targets local leaders

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By Robert Mugabe

Western Governor, Celestin Kabahizi (phile photo)

Kigali– In the last two months, armed assassins who cross from the Democratic Republic of Congo killed one executive secretary of a cell and attempted to kill another in Busasamana, Great Lakes Voice has reliably established.

According to the security sources who are familiar with the ground, the assassins are believed to be the FDLR mobile tactical teams who infiltrate in the country to sabotage security near and around the boarder and manage to return to the jungles of DRC undetected by Rwanda security services.

 Our investigations indicate that, July 10, 2011a group of armed people raided the home of Kyamabuye cell leader, Agnes Nyirasafari, at night and shot at it several times and threw a grenade inside the house but luckily enough it never exploded and no one was injured.

Jean Pierre Bizimana, leader of Rusaru village in Busasamana sector was in March 10, 2010 gunned downed together with his father by unknown people from DRC. According to Keke Harerimana, an eye witness who was on the daily night watch, the killers were seven in number all armed with guns some dressed in Congolese military uniforms.

“My colleague and I who were on night watch were taken hostage by these armed people and they ordered us to take them to Bizimana’s house who was a local leader as well,” said Harerimana.

“We can not tolerate people who cause insecurity in our area more so targeting innocent leaders and putting our development at risk,” said Sheikh Hassan Bahame, the mayor of Rubavu district which boarders DRC. Bahame, referring to the killers as ‘hooligans’ challenged them to fight Rwanda Defense Forces(RDF), if they are strong enough other than killing innocent civilians.

Also in the Western region of Rwanda, propaganda circulating is that Rwanda government want to make every body ‘a Tutsi’ and herdsman, some residents have resolved to kill cows handed to them by government through “Girinka program” initiated by President Kagame to help the poor.

“We are not turning people into herdsmen because these cows are given to the needy that own and benefit from them,” explained Celestin Kabahizi, the Western governor while in Jenda sector Nyabihu district where 24 cows were given to HIV patients by global fund through the association to conserve environment on July 09, 2011.

“People who kill these cows don’t do it for meat. But, with an intention of sabotaging government programs,” said Kabahizi. Kabahizi believe this propaganda comes from the extremists who fled during 1994 after committing Genocide.

This post has already been read 9919 times!

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