Somalia mission to end Uganda, Kenya misunderstanding

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By Muvunyi Timothy

The two East Africa Community (EAC) countries are expected to live in harmony and forget the 1980’s political misunderstanding that almost took armies of both sides to war when they accomplish their mission in the horn of Africa, Somalia. The conflict had been spark by former anti-Museveni and guerilla fighter Alice Lakwena who Uganda said was being armed and hidden by Kenya during the Arap Moi reign.

Lakwena was the only female rebel Uganda has ever seen that fought Museveni hardly causing instability in the north of the country from 1986 until she was failed by the alliance with Joseph Kony, now hunted by USA commandos, and fled to Kenya where she died in 2008.

But her political implication between the two governments almost caused war when Kenya deployed heavily on her boarder with Uganda in Busia after Uganda accused Nairobi of supporting her enemy. Since then the Moi and Museveni were not at good terms especially on debates to resurrect the EAC talks and aspects relating to security.

However, after Mwai Kibaki took office the two nations have receded social, political and to some extent economic tensions to normal, thanks to the goodness of EAC and now the AMISOM and Kenya army mission in Somalia, the country with the highest refugee influx in the two countries.

Uganda says that if Somalia is stable refugees would go back and build their nation and is there to keep peace and security. The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) contingent left for the horn after the 2010 7/11 attacks alleged to have been an al-Shabab triggering.

The two armies, UPDF under AMISOM , have been engaged in feaice fighting in the capital Mogadishu but, the former says to have recaptured the city and Pade Akunda, the mission’s Spokesperson, said the Somali rebels were facing heavy artillery in border areas close to north east Kenya.

Kenya took to arms in Somalia when evidential reports cited al-Shabab as committing crimes against humanity in Somali refugee camps in her northern border area.

This is a complementary stride between the two armies that would wipe away the political grudge/ guilty cautiousness that have keep Kampala and Nairobi at odd on some regional issues.

Restoring peace and security and supporting a stable democracy and resettling refugees in Somalia will highlight the impact of the two armies and the meaning of both Uganda and Kenya in EAC as well as Rwanda accomplishing the UNAMID mission in Darfur.

This post has already been read 14261 times!

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1 Comment

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