Teen Driver Tips For Car Maintenance

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While standard driver’s education classes focus on the basics of learning how to drive, very few of them are also focusing on teaching teens some basics about car repair and the methods of keeping a car properly working on the road. The sad reality is the majority of teenagers eager to drive their first car could not care less about the working mechanism of a car, and the last thing they want to do is put some real elbow grease to changing oil or a flat tire. While a few exceptions do exist, the majority of young drivers on the roads are clueless when it comes to minimum car fixing skills, but are overly obsessed about clubs, clothes, and Facebook.

As you might know by now, the main role and desiderate of the PA DUI teams is to keep teens safe by encouraging parents and legal guardians to get re involved in teens’ education behind the wheel. Here are a few of our recommendations related to care maintenance for teens.

Teach Them The Basics

Point the location of the engine, alternator, radiator, battery, transmission, and anything else underneath the hood. In case you are not extremely familiar with all of these parts yourself, make sure you get in touch with an authorized mechanic who can easily teach you a few basic lessons. Next, draw attention on the oil filler, the coolant reservoir, or the bottle filled with washing fluid, as they are some of the most problematic items that tend to require constant attention.  

Set Up Their Emergency Kit

This should include an emergency toolkit along with a first-aid kit, and make sure they are not missing blankets, emergency triangles, flares, and an emergency cellphone that can be used during emergency lockout or other similar problems. Make sure you also teach them how to perform a quick authorized car locksmith search online if they happen to lock themselves out of the vehicle in a remote location and there is no spare key nearby. Jammed ignitions and broken keys inside the ignition are also common problems teen drivers can confront with. Teach them to get in touch with professionals such as the Authorized Locksmiths team that has coverage in all American states and which promises to reach the place of any emergency within 20 minutes of placing a call. As teenagers who are still in high school and looking to save every penny for college, they will be more interested in calling a cheap service that could prove to be a scam. Nevertheless, the previously mentioned company makes for an excellent choice since it is using some of the most affordable prices in the industry.

This post has already been read 12808 times!

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