The 2019 Rwanda Seeds for the Future officially flagged off to go to China for Technological Training.

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 Huawei has today officially flagged off the eight students to travel to China for two weeks technological training, through the 2019 Seeds for the future program.

The Students were flagged off by the Minister of ICT and Innovation Honorable Paula Ingabire, Chinese Commercial Counsellor Wang Jianxin, Huawei Country DirectorYang Shengwan and MINEDUC representative Leon Mwumvaneza.

In her speech, Hon Paula lauded Huawei for the Seeds for the Future Initiative and its partnership with the government of Rwanda.

“Government needs to partner with private sector such as Huawei, not only in implementing technology solutions, but more importantly in working together to build the skills in our current and future workforce.Through initiatives such as these that involve skilling of young people, our country can only go forward,” Says Hon. Paula Ingabire.

“I want to thank Huawei again for this strong partnership with our government, ministries, and the strong commitment to future partnership. I believe that together we will be able to transform Rwanda’s economy and the lives of its citizens,” she added.

Speaking at the ceremony Mr. Jianxin, the Chinese Commercial counselor emphasized the importance of ICT and its capability to provide employment and transform the economy.

“ICT has truly transformed our economy, creating jobs for people even in remote places. But this technological trend would never be possible if we did not skill students, professionals and entrepreneurs as a nation. That is why efforts such as the Seeds for the Future and the Huawei ICT competition are so important,” He says

Huawei Country Manager Yang Shengwan noted that the students shall be going to China on 15th November to China for two weeks in Beijing and Shenzhen for training involving Chinese culture, language, calligraphy learning and the technological hands on training in the latest trends such as 5G, Artificial intelligence, cloud and so much more.

The eight students are known to be doing various I.T courses from the various universities of Rwanda such as; Kigali Independent University, University of Rwanda, INES, UNILAK and UTB.

The Students were flagged off by the Minister of ICT and Innovation Honorable Paula Ingabire

The 2019 top eight Seeds for the Future Include:

Out of 37 who submitted ICT Solutions to tackle issues of Rwanda in areas such as Health, Commerce, Agriculture, Education and Transport, these eight excelled and were chosen to go to China through the Huawei Seeds for the Future program, A two weeks technological training.

Name of the Student Sex University Year of Study Proposed Solution By Student and Thematic Area
Willy Nsabiyumva M Kigali independent university 3 Education: “HYBRID APPROACH” of online learning and onsite workshops and peer to peer projects. Learning will happen through an ONLINE WEB APPLICATION “Devplug” and trainees will come at the center for workshops and further coaching.
IRADUKUNDA Karangwa Prosper   M UNILAK   Commerce: A platform which will facilitate payment between clients and merchants, where people will be able to pay using mobile money and the merchants receive their money on platform.
Innocent NZIMENYERA M University of Rwanda   Agriculture: To create a USSD application that will Help the flow of information between the meteorology center,RAB and the farmer. It will further help the farmer get interpretedclimate data.
TUYISHIME Honorine F University of Rwanda   Commerce: to develop the online system that will allow Rwandan people to buy, sell and deliver Rwanda product(ibyiwacu) to the clients, where this website will show different grouped products, what is required to buy them and how it will be delivered and how the payment will be done online

Daniel Ndamukunda M University of Rwanda   Health: an automated system that will help the doctorto monitor the patient’s status distantly called The doctor-patient communicationsystem(DPCS). This system will help to know the information to the patient such asheartbeat rate, body temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate.

  Transport: a system where centrally-controlled traffic signals and sensors regulate the flow of traffic through the city in response to demand.
UMUTONI Solange F University of tourism Technology and Business Studies(UTB)   Commerce: using e-commerce platform to inmprove trade
Regine Ayinkamiye F ULK 3 Transport: To develop a mobile application that will use GPS tracking, requiring drivers to see passengers on the streets where they are waiting for the bus


The Students were flagged off by the Minister of ICT and Innovation Honorable Paula Ingabire

This post has already been read 4588 times!

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