The dream party ODM might be falling apart

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 Great Lakes Voice Correspondent

Nairobi-It is now true that the party of Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Orange Democratic movement (ODM), has now disintegrated as members of parliament from the greater rift valley province who supported his candidature in the last general election are now moving to form their own political party.

 ODM party which has announced to hold its grassroots election before march this year, is now facing bigger problems after its rift valley province point man Hon Henry kosgey host the allies of Eldoret North MP William Ruto who has vow to make Prime Minister Raila presidential misty a nightmare.

 The internal wrangles in ODM are caused by controversial indictments issued by International Criminal Court which members of ODM who were indicted by ICC accuse Prime minister Odinga for conspiring with ICC against Ruto’s group.

The Rift valley province which is also the home of Kenya Former President Arap Moi is one of the biggest provinces in Kenya with a good turnout votes, such that it will force the Prime Minister to rethink his strategies.

Dr Sally Kosgey who’s Agriculture Minister has already submitted his resignation as deputy leader of government business, thus giving a blow to the dream party of charge ODM, it’s in the parliament where law is being enacted, so the leader of government business seems to be the strong person.

As if this not enough, the call of the party deputy leader Mr. William Ruto and party chairman Mr. Henry Kosgey to resign as gesture of showing their solidarity from the Rift Valley Province sends a clear message to Mr. Odinga.

 Lobbing for other regions to leave the Orange Democratic Movement is also in high gear, the regions involved are the coast of Kenya, north eastern province, eastern province and western province, living only Nyanza province where the Prime Minister community is coming from.

 As all political parties are required to hold their grassroots election this year, we’re closely watching the events of allies forming between regional leaders of Uhuru and Ruto, both of which are Moreno Ocampo’s ICC list.

 Also some allies of Hon William Ruto are claiming that allies of the Prime Minister Raila Odinga are against the Kenya withdrawal from the ICC membership. Thus, believing that they have a hand over their community named politicians on International criminal court (ICC).

 Those who are against the ICC have threatened to live ODM party in a mass plan. This will weakened the party and make the dream of the Prime Minister of becoming the first President a nightmare. If they move out in a mass then Mr. Odinga will only left with a fraction of members mainly from his community.

Kenyans are now wonder what has happen to their politicians who are now turning to fight for regions politics instead of national politics, it seems the interest of the citizens has been put in dustbin and merely reduced to spectators as event unfold.

The kind of politics which we are now facing is no longer democracy as we expected, the call of mass plan of living a political party which people voted is total impurity policy.

Which will turn Kenya politics into regionalism, such that it may be sending Kenyans back to the post election violence? May be

I hope that the international community is watching the fold of events and they will use all necessary means to stop such leaders. Kenyans loves peace and integration. Party politics should not destabilize our beloved nation.

What is happening on the dream party is what happen to the founding party KANU when the former President opposed the late President son Hon Uhuru Kenyatta who is also in the ICC list.

Now, ODM party expect them same to happen. Let’s all believe that this events who not tarnish our country into regionalism state.

This post has already been read 10642 times!



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