The world terrorism twisted, more than portrayed

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By Muvunyi Timothy

The war and terrorism in a number of Arab countries is all turning out to be twisted in so many aspects that it cannot be easily ended.

Why would the Taliban go on killing off its potential subordinates to suffice that they are fighting, may be western democracy-which they curse as satanic compared to their religious values; to start or even carry on their traditional way of leadership? The traditional way of leadership is facing serious challenges when it comes to the fact that globalization is taking all its roots and stems on democracy-because is appreciated as a form of governance that is elected with people’s choices.

Hamid Karzai has opened his arms and welcomes any of the Taliban that would like to share talks and henceforth power to join the government in Kabul.”Why should they kill their own, destruct hospitals and mosques? They should join and contest for any position they would like to be elected for.”

A number of Afghans have succumbed to the spontaneous bomb attack even in the capital Kabul. This shows that the Taliban are indulging with some of the locals which makes fighting them complicated since they cannot be easily identified. Sometimes they are reported to be on the borders near Pakistan-the armed- and the bombers are mingling in Kabul.

Al-qaeda is unheard of since the killing of its top commander Osama bin Laden last year. The Al Shabbab is still very vigorous in Somalia as the militia continues to fight the Amisom and the Somali government. Reports say that the terrorist group is gradually being wiped out. But the remaining or rather eminent threat is that like so many terrorist groups they are most likely to change tact and, like the Taliban, mingle with the locals of which they would instigate to carry out bomb attacks even with a working stable government in Mogadishu.

The Al Haqani group in Nigeria is also sparking fire as they capitalize of religion and oil to blend a lasting on and off war in the West Africa country.

The US sent one hundred soldiers to hunt for the Lords’ Resistance Army (LRA) commander Joseph Kony- a rebel leader indicted by the ICC and wanted by the Ugandan government for crimes against humanity and terrorism. The LRA has been fighting the Ugandan government for almost three decades and all endeavors to integrate them into the government has been futile-showing the commitment of the group. With such emerging terrorist groups, political pundits, suspect a rampant form of the act if the US, UK, France and China form military coalitions to hunt down terrorists. Sending US forces to hunt for Kony is a clear sign that in the so near future with rampant terrorism in the Great lakes region and Africa, the super power may consider constructing a permanent base in the most affected areas.

This will definitely counter most potential acts that would be targeted to be carried out in the New York, London, Paris, or Hong Kong. Countering terrorism in the Middle East is still one of the hardest tasks that even the US faces with such an expensive war fare that overthrew Saddam Hussein. Bombs are still affray in Iraq.

This could be the most likely habit to proceed in the warred Libya where pro-Gaddafi groups are taking to arms to, preemptively, topple the National Transition Council (NTC). The killing of the American Ambassador, Steven and four officials is a clear gesture that several terrorist attacks are underway.

The killing of the Ambassador has been strongly condemned by the Obama administration and if the incumbent is reelected, Tripoli is likely to be the first priority on his Africa foreign policy agenda. He has not been frantic on that due to the recurrent Middle East skirmishes but this is among the necessary steps to ending terrorism-rampantly taking root in Africa where indeed security is a bit fragile.

Remember that fact that his administration brought down the 9/11 and the world’s most wanted man Osama bin Laden, portrays Obama has an individual that poses potential to trim down terrorism in the next four years. And fact that Africa is receiving various trade interests with China and some countries still trade in arms with Russia to dismantle the already destabilized security, pressures the next administration to concert efforts on wiping out any eminent terrorist groups or factions on the continent.



This post has already been read 7593 times!



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