They told me to keep my nose out of their (CNDP) business-Goma mayor

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Rashid Tambula, Goma mayor was told to be silent

By GLV reporter.

Goma- The on-going assassinations of some members of CNDP loyal to the embattled Gen. Laurent Nkunda, civilians and senior military officials is a result of wrangles in the party, Great Lakes Voice reports.

Goma mayor, Rashid Tumbula told Great Lakes Voice that CNDP current leader, Gen. Jean Bosco Ntaganda, warned him to not interfere with their internal issues.

“They told me, the killings are their internal issues of the National Congress of the People (CNDP) as they promised that their wrangles will end soon,” Tumbura said, without mentioning exactly who told him.

On August 16, 2010 Maj. Emmanuel Twayigize, who was in charge of political doctrine in the FARDC Brigade covering Masisi and Goma, was killed in cold blood along with his aide de camp, in Masisi region at Mbanzangungu after being shot in his chest with five bullets.

One month later, Colonel Antoine Maibuno, the regional political commissioner in the Amani Leo operation currently going on in North and South Kivu to disarm FDRL and other armed rebels, was killed after being shot three times in his chest and twice in his head.

“He (Maibuno) was seated along with five Colonels, his phone rang and picking it, we saw him standing up. We were at Hotel Ihusi. Then he walked and immediately came some men and handcuffed him and took him a side and shot him,”  the witness who was at the scene narrated.

“When other senior officers heard the shootings, they didn’t bother, they just went every one to his respective car and drove away,” the witness stated.

No police or army came to investigate. Masisi and Rushuro was the most secure place during CNDP and FARDC clashes but now the security is uncertain.

In Northern Kivu capital, Goma, where many regional and international intelligence agencies operate, business people in town are not at  peace.

This has come following the last noted death of Denis Ntare Semadwiga in June and another pro-Nkunda CNDP official was arrested in Gisenyi and detained in Kigali for challenging his colleagues for the break-up of the CNDP.

However, DRC and CNDP issues are complex as the Rwandan security services suspect that the CNDP could be involved in the recent grenade attacks in Kigali. An inside source told this agency that some officers have been arrested and many more have been under scrutiny following the discovery of black walkie talkies which were used but are not used by the Rwanda army now,  which were smuggled from Rwanda to CNDP officials.

The sack full of black walkie talkies was discovered in Gikondo city suburb, at the roof of a house of a resident in Sodoma by a house engineer who was furbishing the house and went to negotiate with ex-RDF soldier who handed the engineer to the police Intelligence, the source said.

This post has already been read 8342 times!



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