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Uganda electoral commission threatens legal action against anyone who announces results

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BY GLV Correspondent.

KAMPALA – As the Inter Party Cooperation (IPC) Presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye says he is ready to concede defeat and congratulate the new president-elect, but only in a free and fair contest, the Uganda electoral commission has warned that no one may announce vote results except the authorized body.

UEC chief, Badru Kiggundu said that anyone, including the media, who announces the results or the winner, will  face legal action. “The power to declare results of the presidential elections is vested with the national electoral commission,” Kiggundu told journalists on Thursday.

However, Mr.Besigye seems to be holding his former view of announcing the vote results. “The results normally change along the way. That is why we shall announce our results as soon as the presiding officer and our polling agents make their announcement and hand them over to us,” Dr Besigye said.

Sounding buoyant after a campaign in which he has drawn massive crowds to his rallies in most parts of the country; Dr Besigye said he believed he has sufficient support to win the election. He said the crowds attending his rallies had been energetic and emotional, a mood he described as an indication that they desire change.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, had earlier told the media that neither himself nor any other, except the UEC, have the authority to announce the winner.

“I have no authority to announce the result, and neither does the opposition. It’s only the Electoral Commission alone that’s entitled to do that. And anyone who will do that will be arrested,” Museveni warned earlier.

Museveni has told reporters that he is going not anywhere. And he believes he will be elected again as the President of the Republic of Uganda after 25 years in power.

This post has already been read 9727 times!

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