Uganda: MP Cerinah Nebanda died of drugs

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By John Barigye

Kampala-Uganda-It all started on Friday 14th when the breaking story spread in Kampala and over Media and social networks about the mysterious and abrupt death of MP, Cerinah Nebanda.

The inspector general of police Kale Kayihura rushed to Mukwaya General Hospital Nsambya where the legislator was pronounced dead at about 8:30pm, to launch the investigation and calm the family and country.

He however worsened the situation when he alleged that Nebanda might have died of drug consumption to the disappointment the late’s family who said they have never see her drinking alcohol.

“Nebanda will not be easy to replace but this was done by some power beyond everybody’s control here. But if it was done by an enemy, we shall get him or her.”President Museveni said on Saturday

A group of parliamentarians had vowed to release a detailed report of their fellow’s death. “When you malign the government and interfere with the work of the police and you spread lies, then, the laws can handle you because police investigations are protected by the law,” Museveni warned.


The significant findings as seen at autopsy were congested lungs with oedema and patchy consolidation. The pancreas had a dull outer surface and a haemorrhagic cut surface. The stomach mucosa was hyperaemic.

Significant toxins detected in urine, post-mortem blood, stomach contents samples (and trace amounts in white wine) included ethanol (alcohol), cocaine (and its metabolites/breakdown products), morphine (and its metabolites/breakdown products), codeine, chloroquine, cocaethlene and dextromethorphan.

The fact that some of these toxins/drugs were detected in the stomach contents is an indication that they may have been taken orally prior to death.
The detection of the products and their breakdown substances in the blood and urine indicates they were absorbed and distributed in the blood stream to various body organs and eventually excreted in the urine. The post-mortem report (by Prof Wabinga indicates that the needle puncture wound seen at autopsy was for administering medication)
Here below is a brief on the detected drugs and their effect:
Detected in trace amounts, is used for treatment of malaria.
Used as a cough suppressant as well as for pain relief. The patchy consolidation seen at autopsy is a sign of Bronchopneumonia which may present as cough. The deceased was probably on medication for cough (or pneumonia).

Post-mortem findings are non-specific but include intense congestion of the gastric mucosa (reported as hyperaemia in this post-mortem), odour of alcoholic beverages (probably the sweet smell reported at autopsy), and congestion of the organs.

Acute alcohol intoxication depresses the respiratory centre. Alcohol is also one of the predisposing factors to acute pancreatitis giving haemorrhage (bleeding) in the pancreas (Histology results of the pancreas and other organs are awaited).

COCAINE (and metabolites)
The effects on the body could be due to cocaine or its breakdown products. Post-mortem findings include pulmonary edema and congestion (as seen at autopsy). Chronic use of cocaine is associated with cardiotoxicity especially heart rhythm disturbances (which cannot be seen at autopsy with the naked eye).

Depress the central nervous system which may lead to sudden death resulting from respiratory depression, cardiac arrest, heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias) or severe pulmonary edema.
The observed pulmonary edema and congestion, patchy consolidation of the lungs, dull pancreas, hyperaemic stomach at post-mortem may have an explained link to the toxicology findings.
NB: The effects of the toxins/drugs discovered in the blood potentiate each other as do the adverse effects.


This post has already been read 30846 times!



  1. kobushinge

    December 24, 2012 at 8:22 PM

    You killers
    You have killed that girl, you will pay

    • Mugisha

      December 26, 2012 at 12:05 PM

      When i saw the house on TV in which our MP was said to have been with her boyfriend, i told my daughter, Nebanda was an adict and up to now, she wonders how i knew. They must have been using that house as a hide out where they practiced a lot of silly things, drugs inclusive. Thanks to the autopsy.

      • even

        October 3, 2015 at 2:49 PM

        Mugisha,i knew her very well,she never did any drugs,Unless you didnt follow the events after her death but these were not the words of Doctor onzvuwa and Hon,Baryomunsi who were carried out the postmotem,the unrine used to get this report was antimotem and the alchol context was 4times any texology the world has ever recorded..there was something cripy and the report from uk was diff from that of isreal,surely from the some body samples…creepy

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