Uganda: Opposition to resume country wide protests

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By John Barigye

Kiiza Besigye

Kampala-Uganda’s apparently the vocal opposition party Forum for Democratic Change FDC has announced will resume country wide protests beginning from Monday next week.

In a press conference, the outgoing leader of FDC, Col (rtd) Kiiza Besigye said his party is to start country wide protests starting from the capital Kampala.


Today, we are here to provide a report card to the country regarding our status and program of action and engagements that will usher activists from within and without into the 50 year independence commemorations for Uganda.

We would like to congratulate all Ugandans and activists in particular for keeping the hope and promise of the great dream of our forebears that fought for independent Uganda, by not ceasing the fight against tyranny, exploitation and abuse of the rights of our people.

For rising and resisting fascists that have variously occupied the offices of our former colonial masters, we say aluta continua.

For this great sacrifice over the years, the opportunities missed, you have for generations to come made your appreciation of National values and aspirations that can endure for generations made known for all that care. We are here to remind all Namtel Ugandans that this country at investiture had dreams, aspirations and postulations.

We continue to cherish these dreams, we aspire to see them come true in our time, and bequeath to the next generation a country that will maintain and carry forward the great dream of our ancestors and founding fathers.

We realize today, that they took it upon themselves to say no to deprivation, corruption, nepotism, gunmanship and a culture of impunity. These vices and more, today form the hallmark and mainstay of the regime that continues to treat citizens as second rate, and continues to deprive the citizenry the enjoyment of the fruits of independence.

All post-independence regimes in one way or another failed to enhance and cultivate within the body politic of Uganda, a sense of independence, but only contributed to the mortgaging of the country for benefit of family and cronies.

The current regime has had a stranglehold on the state for more than half of the post independence era. It is indeed the reason the country is bleeding 50years after independence. It is the reason we continue to invite all Ugandans to summon all energies they can master to put to a halt, this abuse of power, neglect of state duties and end the 27 year old error!!

This post has already been read 8141 times!



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