Well done President Obama for tackling drug trafficking in Kenya

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US President Barrack Obama(Net foto)

By Shadrack Lewa

Narobi-The America president Mr. Barack Obama recently joined Kenyans war on drugs just after some months of naming of drug traffickers by the Kenya Minister of internal security Professor George Saitoti named six suspect of narcotic trafficking in Kenya.

Speaking from Washington, the US president named one of Kenya prominent politician Mr. Haraum Mwau in the coalition regime as one of the world drug kingpin in narcotic trafficking together with a Kenya woman well known as Mama Leila.

Mr. Harun Mwau is one of the suspect narcotic trafficker who has been named by the Minister for internal security and he decided to step down from his been a deputy minister till proven guilty by the Kenyans courts of law. According to reports, the assets of the suspected drug trafficker are to be confiscated.

Nevertheless, Mwau, has declared interest on coming election of 2012 to vie for a senatorial seat in one of the county in line with the new constitution.

He has a court case whereby he sued the former US ambassador Mr. Renneberg for his inclusion on the drug dossier which has several Kenyan politicians and a well known businessman from Mombasa a second commercial town of Kenya.

Now that the US president has declared that there are some Kenyans who are kingpin in narcotic and his government would take action of there properties and accounts in the USA.

This has come as a shock to the state which has been viewed by the community as incumbent in dealing with the illicit trade which has affected many youth not only in Kenya but all over the world.

Since the US has now stepped up its campaign to get ride of drug traffickers here on the drugs there rumors that it’s very difficult to buy is that some staff and most of the local dealers are complaining that there is sacrifice on behalf of there bosses who enjoy the state protection.

But, the arm of the Whitehouse will catch on the big fish and brought them to books and the society will be free of dangerous drugs which made the youth to be zombies while the dealers smile all the way to the banks.

Bravo president Obama for the good work and let other world power to freeze the assets of these drug traffickers and there associates business partners and punish the state officers who protect and benefit from such business which denies the state taxes and kill the world community.


This post has already been read 7499 times!



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