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What do all these people have in common, they’ve all been portrayed in artistic nudes

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What do Joseph Kabila, Jacob Zuma‚ Pierre Nkurunziza‚ Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton all have in common? They’ve all been portrayed in artistic nudes.

The Emperor Has No Balls

People pose for selfies with a naked statue of U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that was left in Union Square Park in New York City, U.S. August 18, 2016.  REUTERS/Brendan McDermid  FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES

People pose for selfies with a naked statue of U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that was left in Union Square Park in New York City, U.S.

An American artists’ collective created a series of nude statues of Donald Trump‚ which drew curious onlookers in the US. Naked Trump statues draw dozens of onlookers in US cities

“These fleeting installations represent this fleeting nightmare and in the fall‚ it is our wish to look back and laugh at Donald Trump’s failed and delusional quest to obtain the presidency‚” INDECLINE‚ the artists behind the statues‚ said in a statement.

They proved less than prophetic however – Trump ended up winning the most electoral college votes and is now set to take the presidency. Twenty seven year old artist Anthony Scioli responded to the Trump statue‚ by creating one of a hooved Hillary Clinton.

While the Trump statue in New York was greeted with giggles until it got taken down by the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation‚ the Clinton statue received a much more passionate response.

According to the New York Daily News‚ people toppled the artwork and one witness claimed that a woman was assaulting anybody who tried to put it back up. Officers from a counter-terrorism unit ordered Scioli to dismantle the statue.

Hillary Clinton


The Clintons are a uniquely American Media creation. The same media who gave us the Kardashians also give us Bill and Hillary Clinton. Two politicians completely propped up by the media despite every scandal in the world.

In New York, Hillary gave a stump speech about the influences of money in politics from the millionaires and billionaires. She conveniently failed to mention the Clinton Foundation has raised over $2.5 billion dollars from countries where Christians are killed for their faith, women have zero rights, and to be Jewish would mean almost certain death.

She wants us to think she is fighting the millionaires and billionaires but will not tell the American people that she is worth several hundred million dollars after spending her entire adult life working for the government. Where did all that loot come from? For one, charging colleges $200,000 dollars to give a speech… instead of paying the tuition for someone else… it went into her pocket.

For Burundi,  the truth is a joke










“A cartoon can say a truth that we cannot publish in words” – how cartoonists are challenging Burundi’s media clampdown.

Joseph Kabila


Joseph Kabila is shown how to rig votes by Putin


This post has already been read 9871 times!

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