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Will Sport fishing be the next Olympic Sport?, if we can’t run then we can fish

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For the past two decades, a number of raft sports disciplines have been trying to hook on the Olympic programmes, the latest was fishing, no joke!  For many of us, this is the closest we’ll get to participating in the Olympics.

The body called the Confederation Internationale de la Peche Sportive has done us a favour by vying for a podium time at the Olympic Games since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is all about innovativeness by drawing the youth into the global show.

The body claims, the discipline would enlarge the universality of the Olympic activities in touch with fishing from a sporting view of making it so popular.

Off course that is too late, given the fact that the 2020 Tokyo programm is already decided but who knows maybe in the future it may happen and Rwanda could win the Olympic medal to end the a medal drought yet to last 36 years. If we can’t run then we can’t fail to fish.

I mean if the International Olympic Committee can give a go-ahead to climbing up a wall, surfing and skateboarding an opportunity then they are more than capable of casting the net to ultimately including fishing and a whole host of other more eccentric hobbies.

Fishing has featured at the Olympics once before, it was unsanctioned sport 120 years ago in Paris Games, only six nations took part and there is no record of the subsequent gold medal winner, maybe they did not catch anything, or it was still unclear what the  target species would be at the time.

Imagine a fish caught would be returned to the water undamaged, before ending up on the plates of IOC VIPs. Criticizers believe fishing involves too much luck and would be boring to watch since it’s too boring to watch.

Dozens of sports have sniffed on the Olympic platform for years, among them darts, dominos, chess bridge scrabble arm-wrestling to name but a few.

Indeed, just about every muscle or brain flexing activity practiced by man and woman have shoved to climb aboard the Olympic Games bandwagon, would you believe sheep trimming, cheerleading, what next belly dancing, beard & moustache championships, bed racing, Cheese rolling and chicken fight? Seriously a you kidding me!

Sport fishing honestly, I suspect that the gradually lily livered IOC will in years to come bow even more to commercial pressures to broaden the  original concept of Games.

In fact, I predict that in years to come the Olympics could even be a Games of two halves one featuring core traditional sports such as track and field, and the other an assortment of the rest and current would-be ‘s like the Olympic Grand Prix for Formula One.

Just before long the IOC, will fall hook, line and sinker?

This post has already been read 11051 times!

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