Kagame says Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa,Col Karegyeya masterminds of Kigali grenade attack

Paul Kagame

President Paul Kagame

By Robert Mugabe
KIGALI – The government of Rwanda is accusing Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa and Con.Patrick Karegyeya are responsible for grenades blasts that killed two civilians and many more injured in the streets of Rwanda capital Kigali.

former High Commissioner to India, Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa and former country top spy agency boss National Security Services Col Patrick Karegyeya, are accused of having been the brains behind the recent grenade attacks in the city that left two dead and scores injured.

Speaking to journalists today President Paul Kagame revealed that the two former senior officers are charged with acts of terrorism and causing insecurity in the country.

“It all started when Kayumba was here for the government retreat, then he was question and latter discovered that it was serious and known to us then he fled,” Kagame told the members of the press in his offices Kakiru

“We are trying to negotiate with South African government and other regional countries that Karegyeya has been using to coordinate their activities to terrorize the security of this country” he said

“We have evidence that both of them were involved in acts that led to state insecurity which include grenade attacks in Kigali city and other parts of the country,” Martin Ngoga,the Prosecutor General told reporters early yesterday.

He added that before Gen. Kayumba fled to South Africa through Uganda last week, he had been questioned about the charges.

“Karegyeya was not questioned about those acts because he has been away for some time”.

Karegyeya fled the country after completing an 18-month jail sentence for desertion and insubordination. He was also stripped of his military ranks by the Military Tribunal.
Kagame was quick to intervene on the allegations of coup attempt some time back saying that the renegade general was alleged involved in but rushed to a journalist saying “It can not happen here in Rwanda, you can not make a coup d’etat here may be during Habyarimana’s regime”

“I should assure all Rwandan that the security in the country is stable, they should sleep well and wake up to their jobs. this is not the type of the country were military terrorize the country” President Kagame added

Ngoga confirmed media reports that the two officers are in South Africa, adding that it is where they have been meeting to plan their acts of insecurity in Rwanda. Ngoga said that South Africa was cooperating to have the officers extradited.

“We are happy with the legal procedures so far, and the response from South Africa up to now is good. Whatever follows, we think will lead to their arrest and being handed over to judicial authorities” Ngoga said.

“It’s still an issue that is developing at technical level between us and South African authorities and the process is ongoing”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week announced, in a statement, that “Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa ceased to represent the Republic of Rwanda to the Republic of India and any other country or institution, with immediate effect”.

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