Rwanda: Recalled Ambassador to Burundi reported missing

Louise Mushikiwabo

By Staff Writer

KIGALI, RWANDA: Habimana Augustin who was recalled by President Kagame as Rwanda’s ambassador to Burundi on Friday, 24th May is reported to have disappeared from Kigali since he reported back. Information available says that Habimana was last seen in Kigali on Friday and his whereabouts are said to be a big concern in government circles.

According to reliable sources, Habimana was recalled partly because of disagreements with embassy staff in Bujumbura who continued to report back to Kigali that he was, possibly, involved in activities not in line with his diplomatic posting. This included unconfirmed reports that he was in contact with political groups opposed to the Kigali government.

GLV sources also say that the ambassador is alleged have faced a number of cases at Rwanda’s police for failing to pay child support for children he allegedly fathered with several women. With these allegations, his conduct was regarded not to be appropriate with diplomatic status.

Habimana was the Director of Internal Intelligence at the National Intelligence and Security Services [NISS] before he was sent to Bujumbura as ambassador in November 2011. Sources say that even Habimana’s departure from NISS was a result of serious problems even though they were kept secret, and the diplomatic posting was seen as a solution.

Other diplomats recalled were Venantia Sebudandi and Solina Nyirahabimana from Sweden and Switzerland though for other reasons unrelated to the case of Habimana. If it is confirmed that Ambassador Habimana has freed to exile, he will not be the first diplomat to do so.

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